House Rules

  • The apartment must be left in the state in which it is found;

  • The dishes must be washed;

  • The garbage must be separated (plastic, paper, glass and undifferentiated) and thrown, before departure, in the appropriate bins, outside the garage. In particular, the undifferentiated waste must be thrown into the red bin, not unpaired, but closed in a plastic bag;

  •  We live by remembering that we have neighbors. We respect silence after 11pm;

  • The fan turns on only when we are present in the apartment and turns off before going out;

  • The dog does not sleep on the sofa or on the bed, does not go up and/or down the wooden ladder, or remains alone in the apartment. He only poops in the back garden or in the woods. The poop must be collected and thrown in the white bin placed on the terrace. Before departure, the bag in the white bin must be closed and thrown into the red bin outside the garage;

  •  The barbecue should only be used in the garden and not on the terrace. After use, it must be cleaned and stored in the garage;

  • It is forbidden to place inflatable pools in the garden;

  • Those who leave early still pay for all the nights booked;

  • Anyone who loses the keys and/or the remote control pays a surcharge of €70.00 for the keys and €40.00 for the remote control.

Thanks for collaboration